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đź‘‹ I'm Stephen

I make stuff with the internet of things. From web development to art, design and innovation, I solve problems creatively with technology.

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The front cover of the book titled Fullstack Web Components.

Learn Web Components

Fullstack Web Components is the complete guide for developing UI libraries with Web Components. Learn how to code performant user interfaces using the web platform in this new book.

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I ✏️ for #webdev

I focus on topics front end web developers need to succeed. You can find my posts on

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I live in Portland, OR where I work for Swimlane. As Principal Front-end Software Engineer, I architect the front end of the Swimlane and Turbine applications. I code user interfaces with Angular, maintain UI libraries, and support engineers across the company through maintanence and innovation.

đź“· Is My Jam

Currently I'm documenting life in the Pacific Northwest and working on photographs about the American Dream.

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Protestors outside of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX just after President Trump announced a travel ban.
Floral colors blurred by the motion of the camera.
Futuristic look at a car traveling down Santa Monica Blvd with a motel in the background.
Underneath the Manhattan Beach Pier, looking toward a sunset that is shining through the support beams.
The Golden Gate Bridge spanning across the San Francisco Bay.
Woman talking on the phone while getting into a car. The roof of the car in the foreground, a scene in the background that could be Anywhere, America.
The facade of an office building, with sunlight reflecting off the windows.
A flare of sunlight appearing bright in between giant redwood trees in Northern California.

đź‘‹ I'm Stephen

I made this site from scratch. When not attending web development meetups in PDX, I'm writing, making art, riding my bike or traveling around the Pacific Northwest photographing what interests me.

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